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"It’s time for a change"
   I am Rick Engle, candidate for Sheriff. Why do I say I am the “better” candidate for Sheriff? It’s because I don’t know who the “best” candidate is. Anyone who claims to be the “Best” at anything has yet to achieve a mature point of view.
    It is difficult for me to promote myself, it does not come naturally. I believe that when you look around and don’t see the leadership you need, it’s up to you to become the leader you seek. I have been asked to step up and enter the race so that people may have a choice other than accepting the next person in line. Princes shouldn’t automatically become Kings in America. I believe there is a big difference between being “driven” to become an elected official versus being called upon to do so. One serves your own interests, the other serves the community.
    I believe communication starts with listening, but you must listen to all sides. When you have meaningful conversations you stand a chance of solving a problem. Often, taking the time to explain “why” something can or can’t be done goes a long way.
    Leadership requires simple honesty and sincerity. If you don’t actually care you will not accomplish much. You need to be genuinely concerned about people you work for or are in charge of. Praise should be given in public but criticism should be conveyed privately.
   Life is one big problem solving exercise, and sometimes those problems are too big to resolve alone.
If elected Sheriff I will not change who I am. I will build and foster a like-minded team to apply these principals and solve the problems within my reach.
Rick Engle for Sheriff